Print Treegrid / Grid on PDF

I am trying to print a grid with Chrome (window.print(); )
With a small grid which is on one page it is no problem.

But i have grids which has to be printed on 2 pages.
The first page looks good. But the second page is not printing how it should:
Cells are shifted or rows are not shown.

I try to print the grid with jsPDF. For Grid it works ok.
When I print a Treegrid, the chevrons are not shown but another character like a n with snake curve above.

Is there a plan for implement a function that allows configure and printing Grids, Treegrids or other widgets?

Thanks in advance!

We’re planning to add the export to PDF functionality to the dhx.Grid 8.0 update.
I’ll inform you here about any update on this issue.

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Thanks for your Response!
Is there a timeline when you plan to release the dhx.Grid 8.0 update?

For now we’re planning to release it in January or early dates of February.

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