I have two question:

  1. I follow the instruction to print my scheduler in pdf. Now it works in month mode, not in timeline. I also donwload the latest versione of dhtmlxschedluer_pdf_js that Ilya provide in other topic, but it doesn’t work; it print the grid, with the name of each section but with no event.

2)I want, also, to now how to modify height of a day cell printed in month view. Actually i have many section so there’s no enough height for every line, and it add the event to note. I don’t want to have a lot of note.


  1. open generate.php file and enable debug mode:
require_once './tcpdf_ext.php';
$debug = true;

After that try to export scheduler. Then find file debug_xx_xx_xx.xml in the same directory with generate.php and post it here.

It would be useful if you could provide a link to your project with export tool.

  1. Day height is calculated automatically according page orientation, day header height, header height, top and bottom offsets. But if you really want to change it you should open file pdfWrapper.php and modify it like here:
public function drawMonthGrid(...) {
$this->dayHeaderHeight = $dayHeaderHeight;
$this->dayHeader = $dayHeader;
$this->dayBodyHeight = 30; // your height is here instead of calculation.
$this->dayHeight = $this->dayHeaderHeight + $this->dayBodyHeight;

Hi, sorry for the late but i get many troubles…
Anyway, here is what i get on my debug file:

What can i do?