printView questions


we are using the print view on grids and have a few questions:

1) how can we get the background colours of grid cells to also appear in the print view

2) we have a tree grid and the first few items are showing the icons in the print view and alll other are not - how can we either get to stop showing icons altogether, or to ensure the icons are shown for all items

3) it is not showing tree sub items if the item is closed, so how do we get it to show all items whether the parent is closed or not

4) we have some rows that have sub grids, if we print the main treegrid, we also want the sub grids to be printed. hhow can we do

this please


  1. Defautl version of print-view takes only data from original grid, and ignore cell-specific styles or color
    There is an experimental version of this extension which not included in package , but may be sent by request - it preserves colors in print view.

    If you interested in such experimental extension - please contact us directly at

    2)3) printView method takes original state of grid/treeGrid. If you want to print grid without images or with all sub items you should disable necessary images and open all sub items before calling printView()

    4) To print grid with sub grid you have to open necessary subgrid’s before calling printView()