PrintView - rowpsan problem and having css style


1) When doing a printView on a grid with rowspan, it looks like the rowspan are not kept in the window. Is there a way to fix this?

2) When doint a printView, I would find it great if the generated html code in the new window could keep the “class” name of my cell or row tag. This way, I could at least define these css class in the before parameter.

3) Is there a way to post the content of the printView window to an url instead of opening up a window? If this is possible, I would program an ASP page that would retreive the posted variable (which is the content of the printview window) and be able to save it to a file and convert it to a PDF file or attach it to an email.

Thank you.

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  1. Unfortunately rowspand and printView() method are mutually exclusive functionalities
    2) Current version of printView() method doesn’t support printing grid’s appearance. But we have experimentalexperimental extension which allow you save grid formatting. If you are interesting in it please contact … l#grid_csv