PrintView with non-rendered cells (img and link column types

The following solution suggested on this KB works perfectly for us with the exception of those grid cells that are not rendered yet (because we are using SmartRendering).  Do you know how we can solve that problem?  Also, we are seeing the same problem with link type columns.  Any way to resolve that one?

The current version of printView render only cell values, it ignores any formating|transformation applied to them.
If you are using img excell to render images in grid, you can add next code line before grid creation

       return this.cell.innerHTML;

as result, cells with “img” type , will be included in print view as images, not as urls

Grid cannot print row which wasn’t loaded into the client side yet. In the current version of dhtmlxGrid (2.1) printView() method work only with static smart rendering mode.