Priority order timeline day


I have a timeline day x_unit: “minute” that rappresent a day of 24 hours.
I want to punt on first line, a specific events “master” and all the elements have to stay under this events also is outside this temporal range.
So in this moment for example I have 3 elements:

master 8-16:30
sub-master 9-10
sub-master 17:30-18:30

my priority function

var prioritySort = function(a, b) { var a_priority=0; var b_priority=0; if(a["is_workshift"]){ a_priority=3; } if(b["is_workshift"]){ b_priority=3; } console.log(a_priority+" "+b_priority); if(a_priority>b_priority){ console.log("primo"); return -1; }else{ if(a_priority<b_priority){ console.log("secondo"); return 1 }else{ if(a_priority==b_priority){ return 1; } } } }

My problem is that sub-master 17:30-18:30 is in the same line of master


By default the Timeline view sorts events by the start date, it your case - by priority. If you had an event “sub-master 17:30-18:30” and no events with priority “master” that occur at the same time, there is no way to display “sub-master” event on the second line. All events take the first available free place from the top.