Private Mode in Joomla

I just installed this great component on my Joomla 1.5 system. But I cant find the “private mode” dropdown in the “admin - access rights” section. Am I missin anything or does this just not exist for Joomla?

Sorry if a topic like this already exists, but the search function didnt provide any useful results.

Greets Toni

Sorry, but it seems that we have a documentation for not yet released version online.
Version which will support such functionality will appear in two weeks ( RC version at the end of this week )

I just deinstalled the old scheduler version and installed the new one without any problems. But I am still not getting the private mode dropdown in the acess rights section. Am i still mising something or doing anything wrong or is this a common problem?

Best regards Toni

It is definitely not common. To be correct - this is first report of such problem.
Try to delete cache in the browser, it possible that old settings page was cached.

Yeah you were right, it was a cache problem. Shame on me for not trying that first. :blush:
So thanks for your time and helping me with my problem.

Greetings Toni