PRO Timeline - questions

I try to evaluate scheduler timeline and I see this example of month view: … scale.html

I have some questions:

  1. is it possible to disable creation of multi-day event? I don’t want to disable drag&drop and I try to use “scheduler.config.multi_day = false;” but it’s seem it doesn’t work
  2. when I double-click on a day, lightbox open and show “end date” with “day clicked +1”, is it possibile to set start date and end date with same value?
  3. is it possibile to set default event duration? I try to use “scheduler.config.event_duration = 60;” but it’s seem it doesn’t work



“scheduler.config.event_duration” doesn’t work for timeline view.

It’s possible to set required duration for new events by using onEventCreated and onBeforeLightbox events. Please, check the demo below:

Thanks, it works and solved 2 and 3.
What about 1? I can still drag existing event and make it multi-day.

I have another question…I have a MySQL table that contains holidays, for example:

  • 25/12/2017 christmas
  • 01/01/2018 new year

I want to color those days in timeline with custom CSS using scheduler.templates.timeline_cell_class,
but I don’t want to load all records of my table in JS array becouse it contains many years and many records…



To disable changing of event duration by drag and drop, you can hide div elements with ‘dhx_event_resize’ class: … ff75cb.png

You said that MySQL table contains many years and many records, but as usual all holidays are repeated every year. You can save only day+month, so the array will not be very large.

To load holidays you need get them from database. You can load only part of them that you want to show on the scale range, which displayed at present time at page by dynamic loading … micloading

Nevertheless, even if you have 20 years in the table and every year contains 20-30 holidays, it’s only 600 records. I think it will not cause of performance problem, so you can load all the dates at once.