Probable bug: Sub-tasks not snapping after finished drag


After mouse-up on dragging a task, it snaps to the closest date-boundary according to the zoom level. This is as expected. However, if the task has sub-tasks, they are not snapped but left in their current positions.

To test this, go to this sample: … dates.html

Drag the main task, Project #2, less than a day in either direction. (A handful of pixels are enough to demonstrate the problem.) Notice that Task #1 and Task #2 follows. Release Project #2 and it snaps to the closest day boundary. Task #1 and Task #2 stays put, with no snap happening. (This can be repeated, making both sub-tasks moving further and further away.)

I imagine this could be a simple bug of the demo, but it feels more likely that it’s a bug in the Gantt module.


seems like the code that finalizes drag and drop of sub-tasks is missing from the sample, we’ll correct it in the nearest update.
The dates can be snapped using this method … dates.html

Here is a demo


Quite right, the demo works like a charm.