Probem with setData() function


i am using the function setDate() to set the date in calendar dynamically at the run time…

but the date is not set in the calendar when the function is triggered…

See the sample: there is a method setData(). It works. … skins.html
If the problem will not solved - share with part if your code.

Thank u it partially works…


it shows the date in calendar, but i want to set it in the text box of the calendar

i attached the screenshot of the calendar…

want to know how to set the date in the text box of the calendar component…

Please, see the demo to clear up, how you can put the date in the

  1. form of calendar (layout cells A)
  2. input (layout cells B)
  3. text area (layout cells C)
    date to textbox.rar (78 KB)

the demo code shows how to set the the date to the text box but i want dynamically set date for calendar control

Method ‘setItemValue’ can be applyed to any form control, including dhtmlxCalendar