Problem accents in mysql

Hello all,
I have a problem with accent in db mysql.
I try to explain.
In mysql table with some fields encoded in utf8, i have some accents like “é, à” etc …
When scheduler is launching, i have a web message width some “CDATA” error and the apllication is down.
OK. I erase the text width accents directly in db, i launch scheduler and miracle, it’s ok.
When i record an new appointment width the apllication, accents are recorded like “éééééé”. Oupsss, it’s not good for me !
How it’s possible to record accents like “é” but not like “é” in my db !

Thanks and sorry for my english, i’m a poor french guy ^^

a) be sure that you have page shown as utf-8 and table in DB has utf-8 collation
b) you may need to add in the connector, before render_table command


Based on above problem description, it is very likely that you DB ( or table|field in DB ) set to non utf encoding.

up !
Hi, i’ve the same problem.
My database (and table and fields) are encoded in UTF-8.
I’ve added $scheduler->set_encoding(“utf-8”); but i always have the problem
Somebody have another idea?


It it works correctly with other php code?
Can you enable log and run the sql code which was generated directly against DB?

I’ve found the solution in a topic.

mysql_query("set names UTF8");

before the render_table and it’s works !!