Problem adding events that run until the end of scheduler

I have configured the scheduler to run until 6pm. When users try to add an event that runs till 6pm it’s very difficult.

I made a video to easily describe the problem I’m seeing.

How can this be fixed?

we’ve confirmed the issue.
mouseup is not registered when it fires outside the scheduler container.
As a workaround, you can capture mouseup event of the whole document, and if it fired outside the scheduler when scheduler drag and drop was active - invoke scheduler’s mouseup handler (you may need to modify event handling code in order to make it work in a needed versions of IE):

[code]document.addEventListener(“mouseup”, function(e){
var target = || e.srcElement;

var inScheduler = false;
while(target && target.parentNode){
	if(target == scheduler._obj){
		inScheduler = true;
		target = target.parentNode;

if(!inScheduler && scheduler.getState().drag_mode){

}, false);[/code]


Thanks for your reply.

This will definitely be better but it won’t solve the selection.

Look at this video (I added the Listener already through console):

If you see the video, when I go to the end of the day, part of the footer gets selected or the whole timeline on the left (the hours) which is very confusing for a user.