problem changing text color in a row


I have some trouble changing text color in a row, i wrote the followin code but the colo in the grid remains unchanged.

I am using the version 1.5

�it is a problem with the version?

any idea,

thank you.

vRowValues = ‘TEST NAME’;

vRowValues += ‘�0’;

vRowValues += ‘�0’;

vRowValues += ‘�0’;


mygrid.setRowColor(“1;601;902;0006152902110044815;S;S”, “#FF0000”);


Beware that color set by setRowColor can be overrided by “cell”|“style” attributes of the same row in XML, or by color of row-selection.
Also, in your snippet code you are adding row with one ID and using the different ID for the setRowColor command, is it correct?

thanks for the reply.
I delete de link to the style file “dhtmlXGrid.css” and it wotk, but it deleted all the styles in the page.
I think you are right and setRowColor is overrided by some item. ¿any idea?

The default row colors must not override your custom color, the only important one - color of selected row.
div.gridbox table.obj tr.rowselected td
You can remove background-color from such css class … _cust_skin

We remove the background color in the style show next, and it works fine.
thank you.

div.gridbox table.obj td {
  background: #FFFFFF<-- removed
  font-family: Tahoma, Verdana, Arial;
  font-size: 11px;
  font-weight: normal;
  text-shadow: #CCFFFF;
  text-indent: 2px;
  color: darkblue;