Problem displaying scheduler

When i load my scheduler, i obtain this :

And when i resize the windows, it display good without need to reload the page.
for information, i’m using bootstrap 3.

Any idea ?

it’s hard to say without a demo. Could you attach a local demo with all CSS and script files to inspect the issue (in PM).


Which version are you on? I’ve upgraded the scheduler to 4.1 and I’m having similar trouble but with the month view only. Basically, all my events have scrunched up near the top of the calendar :frowning:


i’m using the last version.

I’ve identied how to reproduce the problem.

My page have a div with id=“content”
On load, this div is empty
When i click on a specific link it make an ajax call to get the content of my div and use the jquery append method to inject the content in my div.

The code returned by my ajax call is basic :



I’m using jquery and bootstrap3 in this page

Hi SergeM,

Did you have time to see my demo ?
did you find any solution to this problem ?

I’ve found a solution :
in the ajax response, i replaced the javascrip code by the jquey getScript function that call a file where there is the javascript init of the scheduler