Problem: editing custom formated number

I have a number like 12.34 in field defined as “edn” custom formated:

mygrid.setNumberFormat(“0,000.00”,6,","," ");

to this: 12,34

Now, when I edit cell value to “12,56” it will be cut down to 12, value “12.56” will be parsed correctly.

How can I edit number values with comma separator?

The data should be in js-compatible number format - "." is used as separator.
There are two possible ways in order to use ",":
1) create custom excell. Please, have a look at the article in the documentation:
2) change code of setValue method in edn|ron excell (dhtmlxgridcell.js) - replace of "," to "." in cell's value (setValue method).
For example:
 if (!val||val.toString()._dhx_trim() == ""){
 } else
 val =val.replace(",",".");
 this.setCValue(this.grid._aplNF(val, this.cell._cellIndex));

I decided to create my own eXcell.

BTW: I found error in documentation

for function eXcell_button(cell){ 

correct base class definition line is:

eXcell_button.prototype = new eXcell;  (documentatin: eXcell_ro.prototype = new eXcell;)

Same errors for other examples on this page

Yep, nasty typo from our side
Online documentation will be updated in nearest time.