Problem in Copy & Paste from Excel to dhtmlxSpreadsheet

Hi everybody.

I’m trying this widget to integrate it in other app built with Suite. Some questions !

A big limitation is the impossibility to import from Excel but, at the end, is fairly easy to overcome with copy & paste.

Anyway I’m trying to copy 50 rows and everything seems run correctly. The rows are shown in spreadsheet, but are not written on db. So when i re-open the spreadsheet is completely empty.

If i try only 1 or 2 rows at a time the db is correctly updated. Are there limitations on copy and paste ??

Of course i defined the correct number of rows defining the Spreadsheet.

Thanks for the answer

There is no direct limitation. Still, when you have many modifications in the same time ( as pasting big amount of data ), the component will issue multiple AJAX requests to the server-side. And it depends on your server side code, will be able to process them all, or process part and drop others ( most probably that is reason of the problem in your case )

Do you mean that there could be limitations to the number of contemporary Ajax calls ?

is it modifiable in some config file ? (Mysql or PHP).