Problem in Designer with DataSource change from xml to csv


i am completly new to DHTMLX , so i beg your pardon, if this question has been already asked.
I tried the chart examples which are delivered with the DHTMLX35Designer and tried to change the DataSource for the default chart to a csv file of my own , but it seems not to be working.
First i changed the datatype from xml to csv and put my file into the same data directory, which holds the chart.xml file, so that the URL is showing to the right directory. Then i changed the configuration value to a column name in my csv file, but the designer seems not to recognize my data. I have one column with a date format, which i renamed to year, so that the template #year’# for this x-axis should work, but i only get the x- and y-axis shown , but no line or bar chart.
I tried to change the date format for year and now i have only the year without month and day in my csv, but somehow i seem unable to get it right.
I was looking for an example, how to put csv-data into a chart, but i was unable to find one.
Perhaps i am just too blind to find one.

Could someone please tell me , where i am mistaken or send me an link with an working csv-example?

Thank a lot for reading my problem,


When you are using csv data, you need to use index based names for data columns ( component do not map them to some specific names ).


It loads data from CSV and uses #data0# and #data1# as names ( #data{N}#, where N - zero based index of column in CSV )

@ Stanislav

Thank you for your help.
That was exactly, what i was looking for.