Problem in loading big datasets

I have 100000 data rows in grid. I want to load that big data in grid smoothly. I used
both the methods of my grid:-
But its not working well.

In case of such big datasets you need to implement the dynamic loading of data.
Here you can find a tutorial:
and working example: (200k records here)

Is that requires a Dhtmlx Professional edition or can be worked on Standard one?
It is not working well for data of 100000 rows in grid.

dynamic loading of data can be used with the STD versiosn of the dhtmlxGrid.

When we are using that method enableSmartRendering(true,50) for Dhtmlx v5.1(Standard) we are getting only 2 rows in the grid, but when we use enablePreRendering(10000) along with enableSmartRendering(true,50) we are not getting actual rows for large dataset (for around 1L rows ).
Does it requires Professional License edition to get the full features of the dhtmlx library, because its working fine with dhtmlx 1.6Version( professional edition) only by using enableSmartRendering(true,50) for large dataset.

I have linked you sample:
It works well with STD version of the dhtmlxGrid. You can find the similar sample in your dhtmlxGrid package.
The sample works smooth and loads 200k records.
Please, note that adding


won’t increase your performance, but only force the grid to render additional 10000 rows right now, and make the grid to become “not responsive” for this time.
Please, make sure that you really need to pre-render some additional rows to your grid. If it is really needed please, try to decrease that size to the height of your gridview.
If the problem still occurs for you please, provide a complete demo or a demo link, where the problem can be reproduced locally.

The link you had provided is not working well for the Internet Explorer 11, but working fine on Google Chrome. Is there is some browser compatibility issue for the same?

On my application, i was using “DhtmlxGrid v.1.6 Professional edition build 80512” it was loading properly large datasets upto 1.3 Million with scroll on IE, but when migrated to “dhtmlxSuite v.5.1.0 Professional edition” it is not loading data in the grid properly while scrolling on IE but its working fine on Firefox browser.
Could you please suggest us which latest version of dhtmlx will work properly with large datasets.