Problem in Print Screen functionality

We are implementing DHTMLxGrid in our web-application and we have a table with a horizontal scroll bar. We also have a print screen button and that calls window.print() dialogue box. The users can move the scroll bar to any position and click the print screen button. We want it to print the page on the same position of the scroll bar as it is in the orginal page, but, it is always printing the screen with the scroll bar at the leftmost position on the screen. Is there any way we can implement the same using DHTMLxGrid?

There is no easy way to create specific print view for window.print() command, especially preserving desired position of scroll controls - this is part of browser functionality , which can’t be directly configured.

As alternative you can use grid.printView functionality - it creates a popup window, which has grid content in plain format - no inline scrolls, all content visible and printable.