Problem in refreshing tree view inside details popup

I have divided my page in 2 frame the left one consisting of the tree and the right is the calendar. If i check a node in the tree the events corresponding to the checked nodes are displayed in the calendar. If one of the event is clicked so that the detail popup opens with a tree view inside in non-expanded condition. When expanded it shows the all linked nodes in checked condition. I have done this by loading the tree inside an iframe inside the js which displays the calendar.

…scheduler._get_lightbox=function(){var id=scheduler.getId;var ev=this.getEvent(id);if(!this._lightbox){var G=document.createElement(“DIV”);G.className=“dhx_cal_light”;if(/msie|MSIE 6/.test(navigator.userAgent)){G.className+=" dhx_ie6"}“hidden”;G.innerHTML=this._lightbox_template+“<iframe id=‘Tree’ name=‘Tree’ src='TreeEditor.jsp?ev=”+id+“&id=”+nodeEventId+"'…

Now inside the TreeEditor.jsp we collect id and nodeId as request.getAttribute(). But while viewing the details of 1st event we can see the corresponding checked nodes inside the detail popup. But from the next events the same tree view in the detail popup is displayed.

scheduler reuses form. It created once and used as editor for all event, if you want to force form repainting you can call

scheduler._lightbox = null;

from onBeforeLightbox handler.

Thanks for your quick response. And its working properly the way i wanted.

Hi nabanita ,

How did you do the tree view on the left handside as well as show the Scheduler? That looks great!