Problem in selecting the particular node of tree.

But in our case that function is called taking some time but the node is not getting selected. we have to click more than once on the link that is calling a function linkTree(taskId) from particular html to select that particular node and  that also after exapanding the first node of hierachy manually.It is shown in example that atl it opens the whole hierarchy when an inside node is selected. we just want that problem to be solved.

a) the opening parent node will work only if you have loaded full hierarchy at once. If you are using dynamic loading - you will not be able to select item, while related branch of data not loaded from server ( executed, when parent node opened )

b) be sure that code executed after data loading ( loadXML is async operation, so you need use second parameter or onXLE event to catch the moment when data loaded in tree )

c) Please be sure that you have unique ID’s for each item in tree, non-unique IDs may be the reason of problem.