Problem in Show Hide columns in DHX Grid

I have a DHTMLX enterprise license for suit 6.4.2.
license reg. number - 19007023.

I am using DHTMLX Grid, I have multiple columns that are expanding and collapsing on click of the one Main column.
I need to show or hide columns for some functionality and for that I have used below function.
When I’m hiding columns and scroll grid horizontally, the last 2-3 columns doesn’t load due to hidden columns in between.

For E.g I have 15 Columns in My grid, now Columns 5 to 10 are hide by default and it will Hide/Show on click on some anchor tag on Header of 11th column. Now I am facing problem in loading my last 2-3 columns while i am checking it with horizontal scroll.

Same issue we have found in below link.

Will you please help in this?

I apologize for the delay.
Thank you for your report. This is a known problem. We’re working on it and we’ll try to fix it in the future updates.
I’ll inform you about the progress of the issue