Problem in treegrid

hi to everybody

I’ve this problem:

a treegrid like this

LEVEL Field1 Field2 Field3 Field4 Field5

  • Level2
    • Level3 2015-06-12 1

The Field5 and Field6 contain data only for Level3.

I’m using the suite 3.6 and i’d like to filter using filterTreeBy (or filterBy ?) to filter programatically the Level3 rows Fields5 = 1, of course showing the relative upper levels.

i try so:

grid.filterTreeBy(5, function(data) {
return data == 1;

All rows disappear

What’s wrong ?
have i to include some special extension to 3.6 version ?.


Please, try to use the setFiltrationLevel() to configure the level that should be active for the filter: … level.html

Hi Sematik,

I just tried also this option using but i didn’t understand the level i’ve to choose.

I tried with 1, then -1, then -2 without results. Controlling the grid it contains some rows with value 1 in Fields5.

What else ?