Problem in while(mygrid.addRowsFromBuffer());

I have lots of recored.near 16,000 in grid i also use paging. now i need to call grouping in grid.

So if am going to call grouping in grid.then it give me javascript error because i think all record is not

loaded in to memory.

so i call below function to solve that problem

while(mygrid.addRowsFromBuffer()); as suggest by your developer.

but it take lot of is there any other way to increase time …and one more thing.IE also pop up a alert meassge

and it says “A script on this page is causing IE to run slowly.If it continues to run,your computer may became unrespnsive.”

Please do need full


To group records you need to have all available data to be fully parsed, it will nulify any performance related technique
If you  need to show the big hierarchy in grouped state you can use TreeGrid instead, this component oriented on hierarchical view and have some features  ( smart XML parsing ) which was designed especially to increase performance while rendering hierarchical view.
( The TreeGrid doesn’t allow group command , but it can be loaded from XML already in necessary order )