Problem loading a grid from php

Hallo, i’am new to dhtmlx and keep having problems to load data with the connector trying to build the “Start Build Web Application Today”.

I run into the issue on step “loading Grid with Data” the message i get is


<?php require_once("../connector/grid_connector.php");// includes the appropriate connector $res=mysql_connect("localhost:3306","root","ABCDEF");//connects to a server that contains the desired DB mysql_select_db("dhtmlx_tutorial");// connects to the DB. 'tasks' is the name of our DB $conn = new GridConnector($res,"MySQL");// connector initialization $conn->render_table("contacts","contact_id","fname,lname,email");// data configuration ?>


What to i wrong

If i load data from a (static) xml the data is shown nicely in the grid

Code looks correctly and must work
Try to load the php file with connector’s code in the separate window - does it show xml output or some error?

We changed the php installation now php working correctly, we are one step further down the road. However the problem is not solved jet.

We now get the error message “call to undefined function mysqlconnect()…”

full message is
"setup of connecting in progresspath to connector.js is OK

Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect() in C:\Apache24\htdocs\ron\php\data.php on line 9<br /"

check in php.ini that mysql extension is enabled ( it is enabled in default installation, but may be disabled in your case )