Problem of "transparancy" between 3 windows

Dear support,

Let’s say I’ve 3 grids on 3 dhxWindows. ( for example grid 1, grid 2, grid 3 in window 1, window 2, window 3 )

Grid 1 have one select_filter in a column header, Grid 2 no select_filter, Grid 3 have a select_filter in a column header.

The window 1 is on the top, so that window 2 and window 3 are not “visible”.

The problem is:

In IE6 only, some users see the select_filter of the grid 3 “inside” the column headers of the Grid 1, as if it was “mixed” with the others objects.

I must say that I don’t know what to do with that …





the issue wasn’t reproduced locally - the sample is attached.

If the issue still occurs, you can try to use combo_filter instead of select_filter (97.1 KB)