problem: onEventAdded invoked twice


I am using onEventAdded to pass the data to the DB and for some reason onEventAdded is invoked twice (sure, data added twice into the DB). After I click Save it only shows one event but when refreshing the page shows the two events (same data, of course).

Nothing fancy on my code:

[code] scheduler.attachEvent(“onEventAdded”, function(event_id, event_object) {

	var convert ="%Y-%m-%d %H-%i-%s");

		async : false,
		url : "schrunner?action=NEW",
		type : "POST",
		data : {
			start_date : convert(event_object.start_date),
			end_date : convert(event_object.end_date),
			text : event_object.text,
			section_id : event_object.section_id,
		dataType : "text"
	return true;

Did somebody faced this issue?


Are you using default lightbox or a customized one ?
Also, which version of scheduler are you using ?

I can’t reconstruct the same issue with latest codebase. If you have any kind of sample or an online demo - it will be helpful.