Problem reading select options using SelectOptionsConnector

Problem reading select options using SelectOptionsConnector.

Client side:

  var formData = [
        {type: "select", label: "Reason", connector:"scr/loadReason.php"}

Server side:

$optConn = new SelectOptionsConnector($res,"Oracle");

My intial assesment was that the problem is with Oracle, since, this option seems to work with MySQL. However, additional investigation found that this same steup works okay using Chrome and doesn’t work using IE. Can someone assist with this?

can anyone shed some light on this issue, or perhaps suggest some alternatives?

If problem occurs only in specific browser - most probably it is caused by the data generation
Try to open data feed directly in browser - it will show details about the error.

It possible that

a) You have some extra output at start of the file, which prevents valid header setting, and data goes to server side with incorrect content-type ( critical for IE, other browsers do no care )

b) Data in options are non UTF-8 which breaks data parsing ( in some cases Chrome can ignore such error and still parse xml )