problem releted to onEditCell & onCellChanged events


I am using dhtmlx grid in my code with custom xml format ie xmlB…

I have used onCellEdit/onCellChanged events in my code…

As per the dhtmlx api, these events should be called when I update the cell

or edit cell… but it is not working as per the api…

Whenever I simply clicked any cell the event gets called…even though I dont update

the cell value or change value of cell,

So please tell me which event should I used which invoked when I really changed the contents of cell…?

onCellChanged called when value of cell changed to any other by user or through API
onEditCell called when cell changed by user actions, the first parameter points to current stage of edit process. If you need to catch the final moment of data edit, it can be done as

if (stage == 2){
//here your custom code
return true;