Problem Rendering DHTMLGrid V3.0 in Firefox 9.0.1

Hi all!

We have working a little WEB-application using DHTMLXGRID 1.5. It’s running on IE8.
We wanted to do some test in oredr to have working the application in FireFox 9.0.1 and Chrome.

Using Chrome it doesn’t work and using FF 8.0 seems to work correctly.

We have updated from Grid1.5 to 3.0 version.

When we have test the application in IE works correctly, it works perfectly in Chrome but now in Firefox is not running. Grid is not visible (using Firebug I can “see” the table with the XML-data) I think Firefox has changed something in the rendering engine…

has somebody any idea about what is going on? What can I do?

Thanks mates!