Problem Scheduer Update

Hi everybody,
I try to explain my problem,
I created a scheduler that loads data from the db… when i try to load data it works… but when i try to update not works…

$scheduler = new SchedulerConnector($con,"MsSQL");

if ($scheduler->is_select_mode())
		$scheduler->render_sql("SELECT a.startdate,a.enddate,a.text,a.details,a.location,a.eventlocation,,a.lng,a.noteindirizzo,a.nome,a.cognome,a.cfpiva,a.recapitoprincipale,a.recapitomobile,a.recapitoalternativo,a.comune,a.indirizzo,a.dettagliintervento,a.tipointervento,a.indirizzomaps FROM Agenda2 a INNER JOIN Un_Zona_Tecnico ON a.IdTecnico = Un_Zona_Tecnico.IdTecnico INNER JOIN Lst_Zone ON Un_Zona_Tecnico.IdZona = Lst_Zone.IdZona WHERE FlgAttivo=1 AND Un_Zona_Tecnico.IdZona = ".$idZona,"","startdate,enddate,text,details,location,eventlocation,lat,lng,nome,cognome,cfpiva,recapitoprincipale,recapitomobile,recapitoalternativo,indirizzo,comune,noteindirizzo,dettagliintervento,tipo_intervento,indirizzo_maps,tecnico,color,textColor");

			$scheduler-> render_table("Agenda2","id","startdate,enddate,text,details,location,eventlocation,lat,lng,noteindirizzo,nome,cognome,cfpiva,recapitoprincipale,recapitomobile,recapitoalternativo,comune,indirizzo,dettagliintervento,tipointervento,indirizzomaps");

If you use only the render_table to select and update works
if you use the If is_select_mode () when making the update does not work

where am I wrong?

Help Please …

try enabling connector logging and check what’s it log after you make an update

Thanks Aliaksandr
I enabled the logs and I realized that the key field should be a varchar and not an int but the problem remains, the log tells me that the update has been made but not riesulta on db …
Now I put the Id field as varchar to give it a try
What else can I check?

This is the log for update:

DataProcessor object initialized
1452171600x1_id => 1452171600x1
1452171600x1_start_date => 2016-01-07 14:00
1452171600x1_end_date => 2016-01-07 15:00
1452171600x1_text => appuntamento221
1452171600x1_details =>
1452171600x1_location => location
1452171600x1_eventlocation =>
1452171600x1_lat => 41.675306
1452171600x1_lng => 12.499563
1452171600x1_nome => paolino
1452171600x1_cognome => pippo
1452171600x1_cfpiva =>
1452171600x1_recapitoprincipale => 328969822
1452171600x1_recapitomobile =>
1452171600x1_recapitoalternativo =>
1452171600x1_indirizzo => via roma 10
1452171600x1_comune => pomezia
1452171600x1_noteindirizzo =>
1452171600x1_dettagliintervento =>
1452171600x1_tipointervento => sostituzione qualcosa
1452171600x1_indirizzomaps =>
1452171600x1_!nativeeditor_status => updated
ids => 1452171600x1

Row data [1452171600x1]
id => 1452171600x1
startdate => 2016-01-07 14:00
enddate => 2016-01-07 15:00
text => appuntamento221
details =>
location => location
eventlocation =>
lat => 41.675306
lng => 12.499563
nome => paolino
cognome => pippo
cfpiva =>
recapitoprincipale => 328969822
recapitomobile =>
recapitoalternativo =>
indirizzo => via roma 10
comune => pomezia
noteindirizzo =>
dettagliintervento =>
tipointervento => sostituzione qualcosa
indirizzomaps =>
!nativeeditor_status => updated

UPDATE Agenda2 SET startdate=‘2016-01-07 14:00’,enddate=‘2016-01-07 15:00’,text=‘appuntamento221’,details=’ ‘,location=‘location’,eventlocation=’ ',lat=‘41.675306’,lng='12.499563 ‘,noteindirizzo=’ ‘,nome=‘paolino’,cognome=‘pippo’,cfpiva=’ ‘,recapitoprincipale=‘328969822’,recapitomobile=’ ‘,recapitoalternativo=’ ‘,comune=‘pomezia’,indirizzo=‘via roma 10’,dettagliintervento=’ ‘,tipointervento=‘sostituzione qualcosa’,indirizzomaps=’ ’ WHERE id=‘1452171600x1’

Edit operation finished
0 => action:updated; sid:1452171600x1; tid:1452171600x1;

Done in 0.0021920204162598s

Why … WHERE id=‘1452171600x1’ … my id is 2

Solved … thanks anyway
The problem was that the query render_sql I used to select the fields I wanted … the right way was not specified but take them all with *
Now it works … .Thank