PROBLEM: Select inside radio load two times


I hope you can help me with this little problem… I don’t know why if I put a select inside a radio, the select load all data twice.

Here is my code:

<div id="frm_div" style="position: relative; width: 350px;"></div>

	var dhxForm;
	var frmService = [
	{ type: "radio", name: "choose", value: "no_choose", label: "No choose service", checked: true},
	{ type: "radio", name: "choose", value: "yes_choose", label: "Choose service", list: [
		{ type: "select", name: "service_id", label: "Service", connector: "services.xml" }

	dhxForm = new dhtmlXForm("frm_div", frmService);

And here is a live sample of this problem:



Please try to use the updated dhtmlxform.js instead of the original one. ( attached ) (13.8 KB)

Thanks Stanislav,

I only update the dhtmlxform.js file… the original problem is fixed, now the select load only one time… But now I have a new problem, I receive an “Incorrect XML” error… Why?

After chenge

Please check the live sample…

After change the the dhtmlxForm.js in my main application, I have the same “Incorrect XML” error, and in my main application I’m using a “SelectOptionsConnector”

I update the live sample, with your file… please check it again…

Try to replace dhtmlxform.js file again.
If “Incorrect XML” error still occurs, try to include dhtmlxcommon_debug.js file to your page and check error message. (13.8 KB)


Problem fixed, thanks!