Problem sorting using column sort

Sorry if I sound incompetent but I’m trying to soemthing very simple and I don’t undestand the problem

I’ve just started playing with the grid and am using your basics example.

With the steps3.xml file everything is great.

When I substitute that with a call to a php file to extract the data :


gridQString = “getGridRecords.php”;


The data gets loaded beautifully and the icons on the headers switch from asc to desc BUT my data doesn’t get sorted at all

Can you give me any idea why please?

(I’m using the standard version of dhtmlgrid)

The sorting behavior depends on sorting type assigned to the column.
mygrid.setColSorting(“int,str”) … d_art_sort")

If you have used this command with some unknown value ( legal value mentioned in above article ) - grid will not sort rows
When configuration loaded from XML , the same info defined by “sort” attribute of “column” tag, it must contain valid sorting type.