problem to deleted a recurring event

Hello everyone, I have a problem when deleting a recurring event. When I’m not in the dialog box to delete all events in the series. The logo of the trash can delete only the selected event and not the entire series. Is there a method to delete the entire series? I have attached a picture for you to report the problem. Thank you for your help

if (id.toString().indexOf("#")!=-1) // for recurring event
id = id.split("#")[0]; // use global id instead of instance

     var c=scheduler.locale.labels.confirm_deleting; 
     if (!c||confirm(c)) scheduler.deleteEvent(id); 


I have used this method to retrieve the id before the #, but when I use the method deleteEvent (id), I am not delete anything because the id is composed of two parts, so the event did not remove.

Sorry for the double post, but I could work around the problem by adding the method scheduler.update_view () following the method scheduler.deleteEvent (id). Thus there is an update of the calendar (this was my problem), the events of the series are removed physically and visually. Thank you for your help !