Problem unloading and reloading gridbox

My problem is it I try to unload and reinitialize the gridbox if i am using the

mygrid.enablePaging(true, 100, 3, “pagingArea”, true, “recinfoArea”);

feature set the grid reloads but the original paging (1,2,3) ui element stays and just another one is added so something to the effect of

100- 5000 results 100-5000 results

the gridbox

1,2,3 -> 1,2,3 ->

I can of course use mygrid.clearAll(); but that only clears the data not the ui elements, i would like a way to unload the whole ui and reload if i want, oh by the way even if i do a

document.getElementById(‘gridbox’).innerHTML = “hello”; this only replace the gridbox the 100 - 5000 results section is still there, it must be created somehow outside of the gridbox id so in this case it ends of looking like this

100-5000 results 100-5000 results


1,2,3 -> 1,2,3 ->

To reload and reinitialize grid you can use:

In such case paging will be re-rendered with new values.