Problem using scheduler with mobile device


I’m trying the ASP.NET scheduler in my project, it’s been really nice to work with this component.
I have one question/problem:

I have implemented a Scheduler in a web project, I would like to be able to use this Scheduler also on mobile devices. Unfortunately I have ran into some problems.
I can’t create new tasks in the scheduler with my mobile devices (IPad, Android phone).
I have browsed (with my Ipad) to two of the demos (I can’t create tasks either):

I understand that this is because of the behaviour of the mobile device (double click = zoom, scrolling etc.). But what is the best way to solve this?
(I wouldn’t like to build a specific mobile page)

thanks Patrk

I now saw the thread about the Beta version of the next release. So ignore my post.
For others look at this thread:

Scheduler 3.7 just was released, updates for .Net edition will be available till the end of month.

Is this update available yet?

I’m supposed to present a system to a customer at the end of this week.
The MVC Scheduler component is an important part of this system.

If they are happy (I’m pretty sure they will be, I have already showed some stuff) they will start to use this system. This means I also will be able to buy the component…

But one important aspect is the possibility to use the Scheduler with a mobile device (Ipad etc.), therefore I’m wondering about the update for the Scheduler MVC.
Do you have a date for the update?

I’m sorry if I’m asking this a lot, but if you don’t have the component ready this week I would like to be able to tell the customer a date when it will be ready.


hopefully update which includes touch support will be released tomorrow or the day after tomorrow

Super! Thanks