Problem w/ dataProcessor, fcgid & internet explorer

I have a Ruby on Rails application running under Apache2 w/ mod_fcgid.

Whenever I submit a large number of database updates asynchronously

from a dhtmlXGrid using dataProcessor on Internet Explorer, I notice that

10-12 fcgi processes (dispatch.fcgi) are spawned.

Eventually the server issues a “Rails application failed to start properly”

error and sends it back to the browser (which is expecting XML). The

browser then displays an Bad XML warning and eventually the application


I’m guessing that it’s wanting to spawn another fcgi process and cannot.

When I run exactly the same operation in firefox (from a unix box or PC)

only 2 or 3 fcgi processes are spawned and the operation completes without error.

Is dataProcessor doing anything different when running sendData() under IE

vs. Firefox?



The dataProcessor sends the same data in case IE and FF, you can enable debug output and check all send data by adding next command