Problem w/ Grid PNG Export Booleans

Unless I am not understanding something, it appears that the PNG export for the Grid does NOT work when the Grid contains a boolean. The resulting PNG exports perfectly with the structure retained and all data intact but the boolean true/false is missing so boxes checked in the Grid appear to be not checked in the PNG. Here is a snippet.


Thank you for your report. The problem was confirmed. We’ll try to fix it in one of the future udpates.
I’ll inform you about any progress on this issue.


We fixed your report problem in the latest dhx.Suite udpate (v8.1.9).
You can test it in the following snippet:
Note, that you also need to ad the

exportStyles: true,

to your export method config.

Hello. How is it possible to add the “exportStyles: true” when your docs show that all that’s needed is the array of CSS styles?

In case of “true” - all css styles included to the page will be sent to the export service
In case of “false” - prevent all styles from being sent to the export service
In case of array - only the defined css will be sent.

It is mentioned in the docs you’ve attached:

Could you clarify your issue?