Problem when adding marked area


I try to add areas to the scheduler using the addMarkedTimespan function.

I wan’t to add 2 areas: 14:00 → 14:15 and 14:15 → 14:30. As you can see in attachment, It results to 2 gray areas but with a small gap.

Here is the code to add the areas:

start_date: new Date(2012,10,27,14,0,0,0),
end_date: new Date(2012,10,27,14,15,0,0),
css: ‘gray_section’

		start_date: new Date(2012,10,27,14,15,0,0),
		end_date: new Date(2012,10,27,14,30,0,0),
		css: 'gray_section'

Here is the css for ‘gray_section’:

.gray_section{ background-color: #808080; }

What must I do to remove this gap ?

I’ve also provided a sample where the problem can be check.

Khatzu (187 KB)


Please try again using attached file.

Kind regards,
Ilya (6.97 KB)


Thank you, it works with this new version.

Is it a bug correction that will be include in a future version ?


Yes, this change should be included in the upcoming version.

Kind regards,