Problem while loading grid using connector

Hi every one,
I need to load a grid using connector.but my grid have custom contents like text field,kindly check the attached screenshot
i have done the above using a dynamic array
var data=[[“1”,“FTN”,“12/12/2010”,“<img src=‘s.gif’ onclick=createWindow(‘eTrans’);>”,“<img src=s.gif onclick=createWindow(‘eLog’);>”,“<img src=s.gif onclick=createWindow(‘eCustoms’);>”,“<img src=s.gif onclick=createWindow(‘visilog’);>”,“<img src=s.gif onclick=createWindow(‘visilogPlus’);>”]
i have to populate the text field with a data from the server while loading…
and while adding a new record i will select the data from the search button which is present beside it
kindly provide me a solution

i want to use html input type text as content of cell .plz help me out

You can use beforeRender event on server side to define how content of cell must be formatted.

[code]function custom_data($row){
$data = $row_get_value(“some_column”);
$row->set_value(“some_column”, "$data ")