Problem with adding a row with values to a grid with a combo

Hi All,

I have an Issue with adding a Row to a grid with a combobox defined in the header.
Here is a demo site where you can see the problem I have:

When you click on the button “addRow1”, the new line will be inserted correct.
But when you click on the Button “addRow2”, you will get an error:
“TypeError: h is null

The difference between the executed code is as follows:

In the first code, a new row with two values in the 6th and 7th cell should be inserted (thats woking)
mygrid.addRow(2,[null, null,null,null,null,“1”,“2”],mygrid.getRowIndex(2));

And here on the 7th and 8th cell which is not working)
mygrid.addRow(2,[null, null,null,null,null,null,“1”,“2”],mygrid.getRowIndex(2));

I figured out that it always happen when a cell is defined as a combobox (co).
Its not possible the to add a new row with values after the comboboc colum.

Kind Regards, Thomas

Please, try to replace the “null” with the empty string “” in your addrow() method: