Problem with <afterInit>


I have a grid attached to an accordeon cell. After attaching the grid the data is loaded with


myreportgrid.load("../temp/file.xml", function(){

File.xml looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<column width="288" type="ro" align="left" color="" sort="na">any text here</column> 
<column width="50" type="ro" align="left" color="" sort="na">Counter</column> 
<column width="63" type="ro" align="left" color="" sort="na">BREAKID</column> 
2true 0asc


If I try to reload another file.xml (same structure) myreportgrid.load fails without any error message.

If I detach and unload myreportgrid and attach it again to accordeon cell it works (unload and attach again instead of myreportgrid.clearAll(true).

After a long search I´ll found out is the problem. If I remove the section from everything works file - I can reload the grid different times. In an section is in I can load the grid only once. will be executed fine but if I try to reload with a different file.xml it fails.


text edit corrupts my XML example - here as uploadfile.xml (625 Bytes)

Unfortunately it is not availableto rebuild the structure of the grid after enabling the splitAt() mode. In this case the only solution is to destruct the grid and create a new one.