Problem with & character in IE


I am using DHTMLxTree and I have a problem with & character in IE & MAC/Safari displaying.
Problem: I have a folder/leaf with name D&T then tree in IE only displays D and doesn’t display &T in folder/leaf name. But if I give space around & then it works perfectly fine in IE. The tooltip displays correctly.

This problem doesn’t exist on Firefox.

Could anybody help, what could be the reason?

Thanks & Regards,
Vikas Verma


try to use D&T or D&T instead of D&T

Thanks Alexandra for reply.

What you have suggested I have already tried that and it shows correctly the folder/leaf name, but after this my tooltip gets distrubed and it shows D&T.
How would I correct my tooltip then because same xml is being used by tooltip as well?

Tooltip value is rendered as a text, item value as html. Therefore, & in item label should be encoded as & item tooltip - &

<item text="T&amp;D" tooltip="T&D" id="td"/>