Problem with closing tabs in Tabbar

I am experiencing the following problem in my prototype app.
I have full screen layout (2U) with menu and tabbar in the right cell (left cell has accordion, if it ever matters). Tab pages are created dynamically and are closeable. Every dynamically opened tab page has 2U layout with toolbar. On attempt to close the page, there is exception raised (trying to access ‘conf’ property (of tabpage object, I guess) while it is null). I tried to fix the problem by adding extra verification (if conf != null etc.), but it lead to similar exceptions in other places. I gave up after 5 or 6 patches. The result of exceptions is that 1) tab page is either is not closed or 2) there is some content from it remains in the document body and covers content of other tab pages.

Please let me know if sample project is required. I have a prototype app, but I will need some time to remove unnecessary staff and make simple prototype, just to demonstrate the problem.

Thanks in advance,


yes please send us completed demo and how-to-reproduce to

Just emailed demo project to reproduce the exception. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!

Forgot to mention steps to reproduce.
Double click on any row in the grid on Start page. New tab will be activated.
Try to close it - exception will be raised.

I think that exception is caused by using multiple views of layout’s cell, when in closeable tab page.

Any updates on the subject?

Fix you emailed worked like a charm. Thanks a lot for the prompt and helpful response!


fine. we will add this fix into future updates (4.0.3 version)