Problem with Combobox selecting when pressing buttons


I am facing a problem with the combo box where it would automatically select things even though I am not focused on it.

E.g. I select something in combo box, then click out of it. When I press a letter or number, it automatically selects something from that.

It seems this problem only arises if you have readonly set. Its as if it is still picking up input from the keyboard even though I have clicked out of it.

If I could get help on this that would be awesome. Thank you!


My apologies.

Could you please, provide an example, where the described porblem could be reconstructed locally, as it seems to work well for me.

Hey sematik!

I forgot to mention that there was multiselection on the combobox as well.

Thank you for your clarification. The problem is confirmed. We’ll fix it in the next suite update.
It is planning to be released on the next week (Tuesday, I suppose)