Problem with config.dblclick_create=FALSE . Doesn't work ¡¡¡

Hello. I need to use the property scheduler.config.dblclick_create = false; to disable the creation of events with double click.
I put this line in my code, but it doesn’t work . I can still create events. (With double click on empty Space). I have probe in chrome and IE11 with the same problem.

The only way i can disable the creation of events with double click on empty space is redefine the event “OnEmptyClick”. Then the user see an alert message and can’t create events with double click, but if i use the dblclick_create=false propertie doesn’t work.

scheduler.attachEvent(“onEmptyClick”, function (date) {
dhtmlx.alert(“You can’t create events with double clic…”);

Where is the problem??
Where i put this line of code??
If i redefine the dbl_click event can’t i use the dblclick_create=false??

Thanks in advance¡¡¡
disabledblck.rar (5.15 KB)

hello again…i’ve probe the porpertie…
config.dblclick_create in a sample 01_basic_init of DHTMLXSCHEDULER samples folder…
and works well,
function init() {
scheduler.config.xml_date="%Y-%m-%d %H:%i";
scheduler.config.dblclick_create = false;
scheduler.init(‘scheduler_here’,new Date(2015,0,10),“week”);


Then the problem is in my code in the previous post…there is something that makes the config.dblclick_create fail…

do you have any idea to solve this??



Please, add drag_create config and try to create new event.
scheduler.config.drag_create = false; … onfig.html

It’s demo with your code and dblclick_create config works right:

Hello polina¡¡¡

Thansks for your answer¡¡
I’ve probed to put the line scheduler.config.drag_create = false;
to the demo in my local server…and the problem continue.

I still can create events with double-click. I’ve seen de snippet you put in the answer…and run very well, i can’t create event in your snippet. If change the property dbl_click_create to true, can créate events. All goes ok in the snippet…

I think that all other libraries that load (dhtmlxscheduler_agenda_view.js, locale_es.js, dhtmlxscheduler_limit.js,scheduler_collision.js) can interfere with the dhtmlscheduler.js library…

I wait your help. Thanks¡¡¡¡

Hello again polina¡¡¡

I continue probe with the code in my first post and go to tell you one detail…

The propertie scheduler.config.drag_create = false goes ok, and can’t create events by drag…
but scheduler.config.dblclick_create=false fails…and i dont Known where is the conflict…

In otrer simple example from DHTMLXscheduler…put the line scheduler.config.dblclick_create=false and work very well…

The problem is a conflict with something in my code…(javascript library, other propertie…) but i don’t Known Where…

I appreciate your help.

I found the clue for the mistery…of config.dblclick_create
perhaps that the use of markettimespan and config.dblclick_create is INCOMPATIBLE…read the comment in this post.

When quit from my code the lines that refers to timespans scheduler.config. … espan.html
Paweł Gruszka comment…

For some reason marked timespan overwrites this setting for marked days…and the use of scheduler.config.dblclick_create is not possible.

There is any way to use scheduler.config.dblclick_create with markedtimespans…???

Thanks for your time¡¡¡

thanks for the details, we’ve confirmed a bug. The fix will be included in the next version of a component.
As a workaround for now, please try adding this code somewhere after scheduler.init

[code]scheduler.dblclick_dhx_marked_timespan = function(e,src){

if (scheduler.config.dblclick_create){


Thanks again for your profesional Work¡¡¡

This code runs very well¡¡ Perfect¡¡¡

My best Regards.