Problem with Connector --> Undo/Redo/Excel/PDF ??


I’m using a grid loading data with Connector. All the columns are checkboxes which switch an online status on/off. This kind of functionality works fine but …

  1. if i click a checkbox status changes but if i then click “UNDO” visual status changes but not in the database.

  2. if i want to export to EXCEL/PDF grid is shown, but empty (printed friendly view works fine and if i use grid without connector works too)

Here is a test area

Thank you for any help

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Problem with undo functionality - confirmed and fixed.
Please open a ticket at support system to receive the updated files.

As for export operations - your sample is not accessible without password, so I wasn’t able to check it.

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Caused by custom excell usage, you need to add getContent method to the custom excell

	eXcell_onoff.prototype.getContent = function(){
		return this.getValue();

Thank you :slight_smile: