Problem with dhtmlx prior to purchase

We are trying to evaluate this product for use in our customer-facing web app but have found one major problem which is explained on this forum post: viewtopic.php?f=22&t=25641

Is anyone able to help us with this because if not, we can’t proceed and would have to use another product which is a shame because this looks like it is almost exactly what we need!!

Alexandra has answered your post. Please try the fix she’s attached.

hi, NeilTrodden ! So is your problem solved?
if yes, could you please pm me and tell exactly what was done?
i’d really appreciate it, thank you in advance

glenna, if you check out the forum post viewtopic.php?f=22&t=25641 then there is a new version of the scheduler library that was amended to resolve my problem.

After using this library version, I found that the scheduler and grouplist started to work properly together as expected so if you are experiencing the same issue, I suggest trying the solution in that link. I presume this fix will be incorporated into a future release of the scheduler although Alexandra or other members of the team should be able to give more precise details on that.

Yes, this fix will be included in the next release.