Problem with dhtmlxGrid setHeader

I am on dhtmlxGrid v.2.0 Professional edition build 81009.

I set grid column headers using setHeader. If I pass columns with comma separated, it works fine if column text doesn’t have comma. If I have comma in header text, setHeader doesn’t work fine. I tried to use custom DELIMITER separated string and passed that DELIMITER as splitSign but that doesn’t seem to work either.

headers = “<div style=‘color:red;’ title=‘text’> tast1,test2</div>MY_ DELIMITER<div title=‘Date question’> Date question</div>”

mygrid_#{}.setHeader("#{headers}",‘MY_ DELIMITER’);


There are two possible methods:

1) to use custom delimiter, it will be applied to all methods where the delimiter is used:

mygrid.setHeader("column 1
column 2*…*column N");

2) to use array as an argument:

mygrid.setHeader([“column 1”,“column 2”,…,“column N”]);