Problem with dynamic loading in IE

Hello all,

I’m working with the scheduler (timeline view) and I have an issue (only in IE, works well in FF, Chrome, …) when I try to load data dynamically.

I’m using this code right after my init function:
scheduler.load(“events.php”, “json”);

Only in IE, when the first line is removed, my page is loaded fine but with the calendar empty, but when the first line is there, it makes IE crash (or sometimes load the data OK but after a lot of time)…

Note that my PHP file build a json string using the from and to variables sent in parameter to query a database.

Can someone help me with this issue?


Do you have an online demo where it can be checked ?
How much data is loaded for one week ? To crash IE it must be a really huge dataset.

Sorry, I don’t have an online demo… I’m currently working on my local webserver.

Just to test it, I’ve removed my php code and replaced it by a simple json like this:
{id:1, text:“Meeting”, start_date:“2014-01-02 00:00”,end_date:“2014-01-02 23:59”, section_id:“151316” },
{id:2, text:“Conference”,start_date:“2014-01-05 00:00”,end_date:“2014-01-05 23:59”, section_id:“151316”},
{id:3, text:“Interview”, start_date:“2014-01-07 00:00”,end_date:“2014-01-07 23:59”, section_id:“151316”}

And it does the same thing… When I remove the setloadmode option it works fine. So I don’t think the number of data is the problem.

Finally, I’m using the scheduler as a timeline where each line has a section_id (y_property: “section_id”)

I found something:

When I’m looking at the queries sent by the broswer, I see 90 ajax calls to the events.php page… They are all the same requests and it is probably the reason why the browser crash.

Someone knows how to resolve it and why this happens?

Are you using latest Scheduler 4.0 ?
Do you have some customization in scheduler’s code ( especially in date conversion logic ) ?

I don’t see how the default logic can produce such bunch of calls. Can you check are those calls have the same from and to parameters or different ones. Also please try to use different dyn. loading mode ( “month” for example )

Yes I’m using the latest version (4.0) and there’s no change in the original code…

All the calls have the same from and to values… In other browsers there’s only one call made but in IE there is maybe 90 calls made…

I still can’t reconstruct the issue locally :frowning:
Can you share ALL js code, which was used for scheduler initialization ? ( you can send it directly to or as private message )